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SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated although they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO is an important aspect as it helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users. Some search engines like Google are clever enough to determine what is likely to offer a good or poor experience for the person using it. Even though Google is a business like most website owners we forget this because searching is free. They do what is best for their company and they’re also often right. A search engine optimised (SEO) website will have a better listing chance if recommended updates are made. Not every search engine follows the same rules as Google but most of them have similar ideas and use the information supplied in your website to decide where your link should be seen on their site. To get your free SEO webpage audit just become an affiliate of Philip Morris Direct and message us from the Affiliate Window platform and we will publish it for you SIGN UP HERE.

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When applying to join our network on Affiliate Window, you should explain how you wish to promote goods. Obviously if you have your own website and are planning to promote the Philip Morris and Son products on your website then simply explain this to get your application approved. As soon as you're part of the affiliate network you can advertise via links, images and banners and get paid for your efforts on any successful referrals.

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We want you to succeed because if your website is successful then you get paid commission when we get more sales. We can offer our publishers a free SEO website audit so your website ranks higher and gets a better listing advantage to your competitors. To view an example SEO website audit click on the link below.

Philip Morris and Son

It is recommended that meta tags are used as this helps the search engines to find the web page information. The meta title can be up to 70 characters long but the optimal recommendation is 55 characters. The title doesn't always have to include your web address or the name of the site but it should include your most important keywords. The meta description follows similar rules to the title with important keywords used and a target of 155 characters including spaces. Google likes this to be a sentence and not just keywords. The keywords meta tag has been discussed for quite a while now because Google no longer uses them like they used to but older and less advanced search engines still do, so why leave them out? There is also the questionable factor; keywords are part of the web page language so does Google really ignore them? They may not extract them but it's possible they do read them as part of the relevant text on the site. The web pages and are both part of the Philip Morris affiliate network.

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